Breast pain

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Most of the pregnant women already in the first few weeks may experience hypersensitivity, and even painful breasts and nipples. This is the first noticeable symptoms after fertilization. Not all women, however, note at home this type of ailment. As with other symptoms, it is a matter of very individual and therefore you should not believe that breast pain will always be equal to pregnancy.

Breast pain – visible signs

In the first months of pregnancy warts become much more swollen and sometimes may appear to have a small, but quite suggestive lumps. Breasts are much more sensitive to touch. Sometimes there is also a slight itching. During this period, a woman’s body very intensively preparing for lactation. The mammary gland are preparing to work under the influence of an impact on the prolactin not. Woman’s body prepares so for milk production. As
in the case of most of the symptoms of pregnancy, and so that significant effects on the symptoms are occurring hormones. In addition, most women states that already in the first weeks of pregnancy breasts become much more full, heavier and harder.

Breast pain – expect and look at ourselvesBreast pain
Breast pain is not a symptom of pregnancy decisive. In most women, symptoms of this type occur right before menstruation. Then the breast can also be much more sensitive to touch and become fuller. So if you come with us this type symptoms, you should wait for menstruation, as well as a little more closely look at your body that usually after fertilization sends significantly more symptoms than just one or two. That certainly are pregnant we can be stated only after visiting a specialist doctor.

 Breast pain

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