The first signs of pregnancy

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The body of a woman who just became a mother sends her a number of different signals designed to draw attention to the ongoing changes to it. Some women subconsciously senses what is happening, even before the occurrence of certain symptoms, and there are at least a few.

The first symptoms of pregnancy – signs

The first sign of pregnancy may be the absence of menstruation in normal time limit, if so far it appeared regularly. With time, there is also a number of changes in different parts of the body. Around 1.5 months pregnant breasts increase in size and at the same time become more gentle, almost hypersensitive to pain. A little later comes to symptoms related to the sexual organs which, due to increased blood flow, take the outside darker, while the uterus becomes sięwiększa. This last fact causes an increased need to urinate, in addition to visits to the toilet to be reckoned with because of nausea, especially in the 2-3 month. This may be accompanied by a general unwillingness to meals or change existing culinary tastes and undaunted appetite for unusual treats. Pregnancy imprinted even on the female psyche, which is the result of hormones and worries about the future, hence it comes to frequent changes of mood. It should not be surprising as tiredness and lethargy.

First signs of pregnancy

The first symptoms of pregnancy – watch yourself

But keep in mind that, in principle, none of these symptoms does not necessarily indicate unmistakably of conceiving. In the case of menstruation for its delay may in fact correspond example. Stress. Therefore, becoming pregnant confirm only the presence of more symptoms that are worth doing even verify proper test. Confidence also gives the rounding increasingly belly, but this happens only about 5 months pregnant.

 The first signs of pregnancy

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