Increased body temperature

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For most women who came to fertilization, there is increased body temperature. It is one of the symptoms of pregnancy, which can appear as early as the first week of pregnancy and for up to about the third week after conception. The temperature generally increases to about 37.0 – 37.5 degrees centigrade. This type of disease is associated with the increasing amount of progesterone in the body. This hormone is responsible for maintaining pregnancy in the first few weeks, and therefore increased body temperature is nothing unnatural. However, women should be careful, because if this type symptoms persist for more than three weeks can mean developing infections in the body. Then you should immediately consult your doctor.

Increased body temperature – different casesIncreased body temperature
Increased body temperature is not revealed in the case of all women who have been fertilized. As with most of the symptoms of pregnancy, also it is very personal matter. However, this is completely natural, physiological state, and therefore no reason for undue concern. During this period, however, should be careful, because the body is more susceptible to various infections, which will initiate a cold, sore throat, and even the flu, indeed any other type of viral diseases. This can be very dangerous for women. In the most drastic cases may be enough even to miscarriage, so you should monitor your health. You can further strengthen your body by drinking plenty of fluids with fresh fruit, doing cold compresses, using cold baths and dressing appropriately for the weather.

 Increased body temperature

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